Josette dollar

“bring down the light, give the light.”

Josette Dollar, is a transformative life coach, artist, dancer, author and founder of The Light, The Stirring.


Josette Dollar, is an artist, dancer, mother, poet, movement educator, transformative life coach and the founder of, as well as She is engaged daily in the focus of the mind, body, spirit, and life through the freedom of movement, and by practicing light work through movement daily.

Josette’s core message is that free movement contributes to our everyday lives, through our awakening, healing, rebirth, purpose and liberation. By allowing ourselves to release what’s been blocked and by grounding ourselves, we move towards the light and learn how to show up in the world to be part of the collective whole.

Josette’s work is a response to her journey and to the current world we live in, her crusade in living a life moving towards the light, and her desire to share it.